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what you need to know

Academic Year

  • From February to November.
  • Semester holidays: June and July, with short breaks at Easter & September.
  • Summer holidays: December to February.
  • Some institutions offer a short summer semester during these holidays.
  • English language generally starts every Monday.


  • Includes: Halls of residence, student flats, city apartments and homestays.
  • The cities are safe and friendly, offering an informal, cosmopolitan lifestyle compatible with study objectives.

Cost of Living

  • Low compared to other western countries, thanks to a favourable exchange rate.
  • International students can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with amenities that reflect New Zealand's diverse multi-cultural communities.

Income & Employment Opportunities

  • Living expenses can be offset by part time work during tertiary study in New Zealand.
  • The Government allows fifteen hours per week of work while studying for 2 years or more for a diploma or degree.
  • Post graduate work of up to two years in a related position may be pursued.
  • Work is not permitted for English Language students.